Shoso Shimbo at the Toyota Sculpture Exhibition 2012

Shoso Shimbo Sculpture at the Toyota Exhibition (photo by Shoso Shimbo)

Shoso Shimbo Sculpture at the Toyota Exhibition (photo by Shoso Shimbo)


Shoso Shimbo has a new ikebana display at the Toyota Sculpture Exhibition.  It is exciting to see ikebana artist getting involved and recognised in the sculpture art sector.  Pop in to the gallery and see the work yourself. You will be amazed!

Shoso Ikebana Blog: Toyota Sculpture Exhibition 2012: Column by Shoso.

ASAP Ikebana

Very often ikebana is misunderstood as an art that is too hard. We often see the elaborate and huge work of the masters and put ikebana in the “too hard” box not realising that ikebana can range from the garden size installation to the “1 flower 1 leave” tea cup arrangement. While a 8 metres installation might takes weeks to plan and days to construct, a tea-cup sized arrangement can be a result of hours of meditation too. But still there is always a challenge to make the what I call the  “ASAP ikebana”- quick arrangement to brighten up your day or a short meditation time for you to take your crowded mind away from busy life. All you need is a few leaves/ branches/ flower(s). I made this after running around to finish the laundry, the pile of dishes in the sink….! And those 5-10min was great – helping me to regenerate! No planning, no sketching- just making use what I’ve picked from my garden. And I must admit I’m lucky to have a pretty good garden to give me at least three different kinds of Japanese maples to start with.

So… What have you got in your garden? What can you make in 5 min? May be your three-days-old vase need rearranging? Or may be you can pick up a mixed bunch from the local fruit shop on your way home after a long day work. Take the challenge and have your mind refreshed….Ah….

川崎景太 オフィシャルウェブサイト

川崎景太 オフィシャルウェブサイト.

What a beautiful site of Japanese ikebana art in the contempory conte doesn’t matter whether you can red Japanese or not; ikebana, like all arts, has an universal language that brings people together.

Kawasaki has also appeared on Japanese TV many times demonstrating ikebana and teaching you how simple it can be though it is a very sophisticated ancient art itself. He has incorporated everyday items like kitchen utensils and even the humble plastic straws to make out standing ikebana that anyone can try at home- making ikebana accessible to everyone.

Look up clips on YouTube now and get inspired today!

Kawasaki 10min ikebana challenge

Web Gallery of Shoso Shimbo

Stressed of for the day?  Click and relax with the beautiful collections of works by Shoso Shimbo, the renowned Melbourne based Ikebana artist.  Not only your can fest you eyes on some wonderful floral artwork of his, you can relax your mind with the soothing music that accompany the web gallery.

Shoso Shimbo – Ikebana Artist – Melbourne.

Check often… Shoso is a very busy artist and he will updates his site!

Keita Kawasaki 10min ikebana

Keita Kawasaki is one of my beloved ikebana artist. His works are always full of surprises for he likes the use of unusal mixture of media with plant materials. Through his art work, he has shown us that ikebana does not limit in the use of plant materials only andthrough combining them with dialy objects in creatativity, artworks of another dimension can be produced. I like this demonstration alot with Keita using daily ojects other than vases to inspire us how ikebana can really be part of daily life!

Ikebana in a Wedding

Church Wedding Centre Piece

Church Wedding Centre Piece

Is there such a thing as in ikebana wedding flowers? Is it possible to have an ikebana approach to wedding floral arrangements? When my friend asked me be in charge of their wedding flowers, I was asking myself these questions again and again. Is it possible to keep my ikebana style and merge it with the highly westernised church wedding? I found that weddings is highly complicated than any floral art. Not only you have to consider the place where the flowers are being use eg the church/ reception, but the bouquets and buttonholes are pieces that are being carried and worn all day and have to be exposed in the most hash environments depending on the weather of the wedding day! They have to not only look good, but also look good when worn on the particular person in a particular way! How many times have you seen the mother-of-bride wearing the corsage on the wrong side and causing the corsage falling to one side, rotated or up-side-down? How about the minimalist approach we have in most ikebana’s art? Will the bride cry in tears when she see only a couple of flowers with a few “sticks”?

Bridal BouquetBridal Bouquet

A new leave in life

This is a very exciting day for me for I have finally completed my ikebana teaching diploma. Though it is the only level 4 teaching, I am already over the moon to see how I have worked hard and have been growing better in this art.

I finished the corse by performing a demonstration in front of a group of teachers and students at a girls school. It was kind of nervous but a very important experience for me since there was no accompanying music, I have to talk constantly to engage the audience and try to produce good artwork at the same time!

I think I will continue to work hard and refine my skill in this art- this is only a beginning for me! I have a long long way to go.

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