“Good Artists Copy; Great Artists Steal” – Ikebana –

Picasso: “Good Artists Copy; Great Artists Steal”

Here I want to steal my teacher’s (Shoso Shimbo) great idea in fixing floral materials without using floral foam or kenzan.


kenzen replace wire ikebana

kenzen replace


Some one has asked me once “what is the method to fix flowers in a glass container?” She was having trouble arranging her singapore orchids in her wide mouth glass container. She realised that it is impossible to stick an oasis into it without showing that ugly piece of green foam.  Also, she has not bought enough green to “pack” the vase before adding the flowers!  The metal wire ball is here to help.

I got this idea from my teacher last time when we went to arrange flowers for a wedding.  We used these metal wire balls to hold up the florals for 17 table arrangements!! They can be stretch/ squeeze for size on the spot and are not that intrusive visually if show.

How to make them?

Well that is easy. All you need is some coated wire.  For stability and strength, I used the pvc coated fence wire that you can purchase from the hardware store.  They came in green or black.  Then I just scrunch them up.  Try to keep the centre of clear of wires.  Then, I use to more flexible plant ties/ garbage bags ties to secure a few intersections to make the whole thing even more stable (see the little green knots on the ball).

And that’s finished! Drop that into your vase and you are ready to go!

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